This page is about my original characters and characters that have been created but with differences

Spy GuyEdit


Spy Guy was created by me. Spy Guy first started when I started doing my own comics and the Spy Guy series was my first ever series that I had done. It was 10 pages long and I lost it, never to be found again.

Tick MaxEdit


Tick Max was Spy Guy's sidekick and worked for the S.P.S.S.A. (Stick People Secret Spy Agency) and when Tick Max was on Undercover missions he was a DJ and when the enemy was either in the party, Night Club or Tick Max just bumped into him on the street he got his Stun Gun, Which knocked them out for 2-3 Hours they soke up in a cell in the S.P.S.S.A. Which as you guessed would scare them pretty badly.

There is so much more about these to characters so I might edit them again soon but so many more characters to write about. Oh and I forgot to say Tick Max's real name is Steve