Keep calm and call Batman

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Most of you readers will proberly know heaps about Batman and i know a bit to so if there is anything that is incorrect leave a message on my message wall. Sorry if anything is wrong and I will try my hardest not to get to much wrong. :)

Bruce WayneEdit

As you know Bruce Wayne is a multi-millionare but towards the hour of midnight evil shall always strike and than POOF Batman is there to fight of his enemys and protect Gotham City. No matter what.

The BatcaveEdit

As most of you know all Superheros have a secret lair and as all Batman fans know, Batmans is the Batcave. The Batcave is a super hightech lair which is home to The Bat Bike, The Batmobile, The Batwing, Batmans Helicopter and more but lets not forget Super Computer Which hold underneath a secret stash of Kryptonite which is there just in case Super Man turns on Batman or is just plain annoying...

Yet again so much more so I might be having to add more on when I have time or when I know a bit more about Batman.